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Saturday, 24 October 2020


We would like to thank everyone for their support, especially through this most difficult time. 

We currently have no cats in care with us due to covid. We are currently closed until further notice. 

Please make sure to keep checking back for further updates on our reopening and any cats we take into care. 

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Marnie Update

Marnie the newest little one into our care has been for her vet check. The vet is happy with everything, shes a healthy cat but we do have one small problem....the vet has stated she is potentially pregnant and is over 5 weeks if she is based on what could be seen during her examination.

So for now she has been wormed, we have held off with the flea treatment as we dont want to overdo the chemicals if she is pregnant just to be safe. There are no signs of fleas anyway which is good!

From here we will continue to keep an eye on her, assess her as things progress. This means Marnie, although available for rehoming, will be with us for the next 15 weeks roughly, maybe more, to ensure she has a good delivery and is fully treated alongside her kittens.

We will not be taking notes of interest for any kittens at this moment in time as we have a waiting list of people who have been waiting for a number of months to a year for a kitten from our rescue.Those on our waiting list will have first refusal of adoption.

For now our aim is to keep Marnie as comfortable as possible and raise funds to help pay for all the treatment both she, and any kittens she has, will require.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Thank you for the donations to buy the scanner for our foster Jenna!

We would like to thank everyone who helped by donating towards us buying a scanner for Jenna

Below is a list of everything bought with the funds donated, alongside their prices and why we have these items.

This is our rescue kit! Each volunteer is supposed to carry this in the boot of their car so they are always available to help a cat in need! This is an important piece of kit for us to be able to do our job effectively, alongside rehabilitating and rehoming cats we pick up along the way.

Inside you have:

Scanner - £50
First Aid Kit - £10
Torches - £10
Food - £4
Water - £1
Bowls - £2
Treats - £1
Puppy Pads - £2
Disposable Gloves - £1
Wet wipes - £1
Pet wipes - £1
Nappy Sacks - £1
Rubble Bags - £1
Hand Sanitizer - £1
Top Loading Basket £34.99
Old towels and/or blankets - £10

Without this we couldn't help the cats we do!
We want to put together more of these kits for our volunteers who currently dont have one.

If you can help by donating, we could help so many more cats and take on extra volunteers specifically for helping with stray and RTA cats.

You can donate via paypal to tigerlilyfelinerescue@yahoo.co.uk or by donating directly to our bank account

Side note: If anyone in the Dundee area has any old towels or blankets, please let us know and Jenna can arrange to collect this from you :) Also if you live in the Dundee area and can help with fostering or volunteering with us, please do get in touch

Friday, 20 September 2019

Catnip is always a win

Here is the latest cat into our care enjoying some catnip!

Marnie came into care with us just 2 short days ago after being abandoned by her previous owner. Thankfully a neighbour was able to help us secure this wee girl and get her to safety. She will be treated and assessed while with us and will find a loving new home

Thursday, 5 September 2019

We are back! Brand new design and where we go from here

Taking a look through our posts, it seems the last time this site was used was in 2018! Although we have taken in and rehomed cats in that time, thankfully the cats we have helped havent been in care for long, infact all cats were rehomed within a week of listing them on our Facebook page looking for homes!

All of the cats are in loving homes with owners who spoil them which is all we can really ask for of any cats we rehome.

So where have we been?

Then truth is, the rescue has struggled greatly of recent. We now have only 1 foster left within the team as all fosters and members of our team have had issues, work commitments, family commitments, etc that took precedence over fostering. So we are now looking at taking on new fosters and hopefully getting back to doing what we do best - helping cats on to a better life.

If you think you could potentially foster, please email us at: tigerlilyfelinerescue@yahoo.co.uk for more information and to ask any questions you may have,

Although we arent fully back, we hope this new change and update to the site will help gear us all forward.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

New Homes - Good Luck Kitties

Well we are happy to announce that Chika, Molly, Yuki and her babies, Pebbles and her 4 babies, Leo, Ollie and Felix all found amazing new homes!!

We havent been very active here on thee website as we only have access via mobile at the moment. To keep updated with all of the kitties in care, please refer to our facebook page: http://facebook.com/tigerlilyfelinerescue

Monday, 12 June 2017

Good Luck Figaro - New Home

Well yesterday we said goodbye to the beautiful and confident Figaro as he headed off to join his new family

They have renamed him Stitch and he has already claimed the dog. We know he will be loved as he has joined a previous Tigerlily foster cat, Bella 😀